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Improving productivity by combining Windows Server 2012 Essentials with Office 365

Improving productivity is one of the main goals of a small business. As a small business owner, you want your employees to work at their best and give it everything so that your long term business objectives can be achieved. Incorporating technology to your business operations always helps in realizing some of these objectives. And[…]

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is essentially your eyes and ears, alerting you to problems as soon as they happen. You as an individual simply cannot keep track of everything all at the same time while performing your own work duties,

Disaster Recovery Services

The crucial bottom line is that you simply cannot recover data that you haven’t actually kept, but the good news is that as a disaster recovery service specialist we’re here to help with backing up your London data.

IT Outsourcing in London

IT Outsourcing in London Providing IT support in London for over a decade, Network Fish is a comprehensive and dedicated IT outsourcing company. If you are looking for SME IT outsourcing then you have come to the right place!

Cloud Services London

Why do you need Cloud IT Services? Cheaper and no need for your in-house server Starts at £15 per user per month (includes support) Fast for both mobile and in-house users Company files are always on your computer and available 365/24/7 (you don’t need an internet connection, either) Easy to use Outlook looks just like[…]

IT Support Services London UK ‎

Providing IT Support and Cloud Services in London for SMEs for over a Decade Network Fish Cloud IT Network Fish provides IT support to more than 350 SMEs in London, Doha, Perth and Jakarta. We handle the day-to-day IT services for these companies, ensuring that our customers can focus on their work and leave their[…]