Using Microsoft OneNote to Copy Text From Images

copy text from OneNote image

Microsoft OneNote helps you make, modify, and save notes using the Microsoft Office suite. And not just that; you can use it to copy text from almost any type of content. That includes tables, images, references and file printouts.

The software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which helps you extract text from an image or document and insert it into your notes. This is very useful, particularly when you’re about to copy data from, let’s say, a business card that you copied into OneNote. You can insert it anywhere else into OneNote once you have obtained the file. 

Assume you need a newspaper story to be digitized. In case you never heard of this amazing feature that OneNote has, you might theoretically waste days trying to retype the text and then remove spelling mistakes. Microsoft OneNote can save you many hours since it can convert any content into digital material in just a couple of minutes. 

So How to Extract Text From an Image?

Extracting the content from the image you stored in Microsoft OneNote is actually quite easy. Microsoft OneNote has a special feature –  optical character recognition (OCR). This will allow you to copy any text from the image with only one click. Another great thing that OCR can provide is to copy text from PDF files for any page you previously added.

Step 1: Open Microsoft OneNote, and simply add an image you want to extract text from. It’s important to do this before starting to use OCR.

Step 2: Right-click on the photo you selected. Click on the option named ‘Copy Text from Picture,’ which will be available to you. The text pieces will now be saved to the clipboard after you press that button. All you need to do after this is to paste it from the clipboard to another app (like Notepad++ or Microsoft Word).

copying text from Picture in OneNote

Step 3: When there are several pictures, press the ‘Copy Text from All Print Pages’ tab. That will copy everything to the clipboard again, and all you should do is to paste it to some of your text editors.

That is everything there is to it, essentially. After reading this short article, you should really be able to perform any text extraction you imagine quickly, and it’s the same process for both Mac and Windows.

If you are an office worker, you can use Microsoft OneNote for various things. In case you want to share notes with your colleagues, OneNote will make a difference here. You won’t have to rewrite the whole text; just take a picture of it and add it to OneNote. This also goes for the screenshots; you won’t have to do anything more than a simple screenshot and add it to Microsoft OneNote.

See here Microsoft’s guide to OneNote OCR.

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