Imagine walking in to work on Monday and all company data is inaccessible… for a week, or forever. Today, this is a real risk for many businesses.

Three copies, on two different mediums and one copy off site. Are you following this basic rule? Because backup is the only tool to save your business from disaster.

Every day, more and more legacy backup customers switch to our backup service. Why? Because technologies designed for the client-server era cannot deliver 24x7x365 availability with the ability to restore any IT service running in the hybrid cloud within seconds and minutes that today’s
businesses demand.

Quite simply if you run virtualisation, desktops or Office 365 in your business, you probably want to protect it in the best possible way. Our backup and recovery service with impressive features such as instant recovery and file level restores helps modern day businesses entrust their data backups with us.

  • Office 365 backup – Microsoft is not responsible for any of your data in the cloud, other than provide you with access availability. Protection and backup is the responsibility of the Office 365 customer and your emails and files must be backed up to a non-Microsoft solution to protect against internal and external risks.
  • Workstation backup – There are many scenarios where important files are stored only on a users’ machine. A low-cost desktop backup solution to the cloud is an excellent protective measure.
  • Server backup – Let us fully manage your disaster recovery procedure by setting up, monitoring, regularly testing and optionally storing your valuable company digital property.