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Carl Spencer
Managing Director, Network Fish Ltd

Up until the end of February I’m offering 10 businesses to take advantage of our free one-to-one personal Cyber Security Assessment including report.

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    Even the most vigilant business leaders don’t have the knowledge and experience of a professional team of cyber security experts.

    Network Fish have looked after me for more than a decade and I’ve always felt safe and secure in their hands. A brilliant team, always responsive, never make me feel like an idiot. Thank you all!
    Christine Green Associates  


    Frequently asked questions

    Do you know what your IT security risks are?
    What keeps you up at night?
    How did this happen?
    I thought you had this under control?
    What went wrong?

    How bad is it out there?
    What happened at X company?
    How are we doing compared to others?
    Will our Customers still work with us if we are breached?
    What is the financial impact?

    Why Network Fish?

    • 20+ years providing IT services
    • Microsoft Certified Partner
    • Security is in our DNA
    • Industry experience 
    • Broad range of IT services


    How will the assessment help me?

    1. Protect your business
    2. Protects personal information
    3. Allows employees to work safely
    4. Protects productivity
    5. Stop your business systems going down
    6. Denies spyware
    7. Prevents adware
    8. Inspire confidence in your customers


    Don’t let financial loss from Cyber crime worry you!

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