Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

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Digital transformation is an inevitable part of every business evolution as it’s the path towards digital innovation, operational efficiency and exceptional customer experience. More and more companies seek digital transformation consultancy from experienced professionals to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate the process.

Not all businesses are tech-oriented, and neither should they if that’s not their business niche. That being said, digital transformation consultants play crucial roles in their transformation towards digital technology, efficient delivery of products and services and lowering the associated risks and costs. 

Unlike a common opinion, every digital transformation journey comprises various business aspects instead of just implementing new digital technologies. Network Fish will not only help you create a digital strategy but also consider your business model, current capabilities, human resources and customer demands.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation refers to a business’s ability to leverage digital technologies to improve its operating model and optimise existing processes to fit in today’s digital world. Although it might seem the procedure is only about adopting technologies, it’s more about the outcomes of the adoption.

Like most business-related processes, digital transformation revolves around customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. Enterprises worldwide incorporate new digital capabilities to achieve excellent customer experience and improve their key performance indicators and bottom line.

Here are some examples to help you visualise and understand the process:

  • Deploying predictive analytics to plan costs/budget or predict hardware maintenance.
  • Project management systems to improve collaboration and independency in the workplace.
  • Installing VoIP systems to improve communication and connectivity and reduce costs simultaneously.
  • Integrating digital payment options to meet customer expectations.
  • Adopting software to automate internal processes and increase employee productivity.

Digital transformation solutions

We at Network Fish close the gap between internal and external IT departments and the executive management team when creating a digital transformation strategy. While in most cases, IT departments focus solely on tech solutions, we look at the bigger picture and create a tailored approach for the individual business case.

By closely collaborating with your team, our experts uncover new capabilities and carefully plan digital transformation initiatives to turn your strategy into a successful project. Our strategic approach allows every innovative idea to become a trending product which gains countless happy customers. 

Transform the people, data and processes within your business

Network Fish knows that digital transformation is not only about technology. It’s about the people, data and processes within your business. We work closely with your team to master the four pillars of successful digital transformation projects.

Empower your employees

Employee satisfaction and productivity are crucial to the success of your strategy. Failing to automate processes and free employees to focus on creative or higher-priority tasks can be detrimental to any project. Choosing the right resources for new openings and positions is also vital for your business development.

Engage your customers

Customers should be the focus of every business, no matter the niche it’s specialised in. You must engage your customers to interact with your brand and become devoted users of your services. Striving to meet their expectations, and even exceeding them, is necessary to improve your brand image and increase revenue.

Optimise your operations

Businesses continually strive to increase efficiency and revenue; one of the digital transformation goals is just that. Incorporating technology and designing well-functioning IT infrastructure is a baseline for improving employee productivity, responding to customer requests and gaining detailed insight through data science and analytics.

Services and products

Digital transformation consulting services help businesses generate increased speed to market and create innovative products that beat the competition. Creating new, personalised products and services before competitors is key to gaining customer loyalty and establishing business authority in the market.

What is digital transformation consultancy?

Not all businesses must have digital expertise and know the latest technology trends and services. But if they haven’t gone through a digital transformation, they will need digital transformation consulting and IT-related services.

Digital transformation consultants help organisations structure and simplify the processes they need to undergo. Their task is to apply their knowledge and incorporate technology to facilitate business operations, minimise downtime, and effectively use new digital tools and platforms.

How do we differ from other Digital Transformation Consulting Companies?

We, from Network Fish, understand that digital transformations are not dependent on technology solutions alone. When planning a strategy, we consider crucial factors such as the particular business’s goals and instead of a problem, we see an opportunity for development and optimisation.

Our team analyses and assesses socio-technical challenges, including organisational issues, employee psychological states that come with unexpected work environment changes and many other factors that might influence the transformational process. We know that inefficient planning and governance often lead to cognitive overload and burnout, directly affecting the offered services and products.

Our unique approach differs from other digital transformation consulting firms as it is highly personalised and uses predictive algorithms to achieve optimal results. 

Digital transformation consulting services

Network Fish offers digital transformation services and consulting to help expand your digital vision and achieve supreme efficiency and customer satisfaction. We can help you streamline your growth by empowering your organisation with optimised workflows and thorough insight into your competitive niche to inspire innovation, new products and personalised services.

We will work with your executive and in-house IT team and tailor your digital transformation project to fit your brand, needs and goals and optimise your work processes. Design your business to live up to today’s digital standards and broaden your vision with Network Fish. 

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