DNS Security

DNS Security

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DNS security is an essential part of any cyber security plan developed to protect employees and businesses whose jobs involve constant web browsing. Network Fish offers a complete security solution with many features and advanced technology. 

Blindspot protection

The Domain Name System (DNS) servers are the databases storing all IP addresses and corresponding domain names. DNS attacks are not uncommon, given that cyber criminals often use DNS activity to compromise end-users. 

However, few service providers monitor DNS records or DNS security extensions, making it the blindspot in cyber security. Network Fish offers blindspot protection and secure DNS service.

Automatic malicious domain blocking

We use state-of-the-art cloud built-in software to block DNS threats before initiating a connection. Real-time analysis of the Internet’s infrastructure allows the detection of malicious domains and IP addresses and successfully blocks them when you try to access them via a DNS query. 

Automatic domain blocking is one of the best cyber security measures used to protect users from phishing attacks, spam, and inappropriate or malicious sites via a denial of service.

Empowered security

Network Fish provides empowered security against DNS based attacks while simultaneously improving network speeds and reducing application downtime. We monitor and analyze DNS requests to stop DNS tunneling attempts, DNS beaconing and data exfiltration. Our precise analytics and reports help improve prevention strategies, security features and action plans. 

Seamless integration

Our service includes seamless integration of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) powered by machine learning model (ML) cloud-based security. We can configure specific policies to allow or deny the DNS access request. 

First, the query is assessed, and later on, the secure DNS service software analyzes if it should forward it to the network edge and fully qualified domain name (FQDN). This process improves cyber security and prevents DNS attacks.

Complete visibility

We use the professional Cisco Umbrella software to gain complete visibility of your DNS traffic and enable analytics and reports. This is done by deploying a secure web gateway that inspects the traffic from the entire network, including SSLs, URLs, external IP addresses, network identity and more. 

This tactic helps control security measures and improve them over time through analytics and goal-setting. The Secure Web Gateway has other capabilities as well. It can block files with specific extensions, filter content, decrypt SSLs, control app user activities and scan downloaded files for malware.

Power of automation

Network Fish can help your business secure DNS by deploying automated processes and the knowledge and support of trained and experienced professionals. Our DNS services will free up your IT department’s time, decrease downtime, and keep your employees and data safe. 

We can provide, configure and monitor DNS resources while simultaneously gaining insight into your network and improving security solutions.

Secure DNS made easy

With our services, you don’t have to worry about complicated DNS security solutions, training your IT department or looking for experienced developers to configure third-party integrations. Configuring your entire DNS infrastructure won’t be something to sweat over with our secure DNS service.

Protect against malware

Network Fish uses sophisticated tools to achieve advanced malware detection and protection. Our system and control security uses threat intelligence to inspect files for malicious content and blocks them from downloading while allowing the secure ones to be kept. 

In addition, it scans all downloaded content and investigates potential problems, gathers data and generates activity search reports.

Integration, regardless of form factor

Network Fish can help you get premium DNS security extensions for a complete cyber security solution and business protection.

We offer integration regardless of form factor, software or hardware. Using Cisco Umbrella APIs, we can develop and manage custom in-house and security DNS service integrations, allowing automated domain categorization. 

This can be done on : 

  • On-network devices
  • Off-network laptops
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices

Software firewalls

We protect all network-connected computers and design security policies that apply to them using software firewalls. We can install it remotely and monitor all incoming and outgoing DNS traffic.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Our Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) solution provides cloud-based and cloud-delivered next-generation firewall software. Its functionality is not restricted to DNS security only but expands to access control, web filtering, advanced threat protection and intrusion prevention systems.

Advanced URL filtering

Advanced URL filtering is powered by ML and provides real-time analysis for the DNS queries. It is an innovative technology that prevents web-based attacks and the spread of malicious files through your network.

Why us?

Network Fish is an experienced company with professional cyber security consultants, offering tailored solutions and plans for your business and work process. Our security products work at the DNS level to detect and prevent web-based attacks and malware.