Email Defence Services

Protect Your Inbox from Email Threats

At Network Fish, we understand the critical role email plays in your business communication. However, email is also a prime target for cyber threats, including spam, phishing, and malware attacks. That’s why we offer comprehensive Email Defence services to keep your inbox and sensitive information safe.

Secure Your Inbox with Email Defence

Our Email Defence services utilise industry-leading cloud-based tools to create a gateway of email protection. Whether you use Exchange, Office 365, or Gmail, our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing email platform to provide robust security against email-borne threats.

Benefits of Email Defence

By leveraging the power of our Email Defence services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Proven Spam Filtering

Rely on our industry-leading spam filtering technology to eliminate junk and unwanted emails from ever reaching your inbox. Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting through spam and reclaim valuable time for your team.

Email-Borne Malware Protection

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with our advanced malware detection capabilities. Our Email Defence system automatically scans all incoming emails for malicious attachments or links, providing robust protection against malware.

Outbound Filtering to Prevent Spread of Viruses

Protect your business’s reputation and prevent the inadvertent spread of viruses by implementing outbound filtering. Our Email Defence system ensures that no infected or suspicious emails leave your network, safeguarding both your organisation and your partners.

Encryption Based on Content, Sender, or Recipient TLS

Safeguard confidential information with our email encryption features. Our Email Defence services allow you to encrypt sensitive emails based on content, sender, or recipient, ensuring that confidential information remains secure during transit.

A Spam Filtering System That Works

Effective spam filtering goes beyond simply blocking unwanted emails. Our Email Defence services protect your organisation from advanced email threats such as phishing attempts and malware attacks. By pre-filtering and identifying potential threats, we deliver a multi-layered approach to email security, empowering your team to navigate their inbox with confidence.

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