Collaboration in coworking environment

Unlock the modern way to collaborate, share and co-author in real time. Because collaboration in the cloud is much more than having a protected environment where users can access, edit, and share the same document.

Modern Solutions offer an accessible, affordable, and customizable toolset for users to interact easily and for the business owners to be aware that everything is happening within an authorized system with proper controls given to the users.

With services in the cloud, your business can easily interact with customers and share data outside the traditional methods. If you have projects in different locations or have outsourced services, you can make use of cloud technology to provide users access to the same files.

Cloud services helps improve collaboration among team members by enabling:

• Synchronisation and offline access of files
• Version control
• Grouping of teams
• Chat during co-authoring
• Large storage
• Share files with stakeholders outside of your organization
• Private storage for individuals
• Access/edit audit logs

These vital features of cloud eliminate the time-consuming transition of files through emails. Moreover, there is no need to have many physical files in hand.