Anywhere. Anytime. With or without Internet. Mobility is an architecture, not a phone. One of the benefits of shifting your IT systems to the cloud is the enhanced mobility it offers. However, still many firms don’t realize how technology can change their approach to work.

Cloud hosting allows mobile access to your data through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This is a great way to make sure that no user involved is being left out of the loop.

Team members can work from anywhere, 24/7, through any device, with or without an Internet connection. This is particularly important in an era when employees want flexibility in the work environment.

• Location is irrelevant – not only because you can access files remotely, but because you can work effectively.

• Device type is irrelevant – anything is now compatible.

• Internet – it is not always necessary, due to sophisticated local caching mechanisms. Sleeping on flights is now a waste of time.

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