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Remote access is almost always enabled for company resources, regardless if your servers are on-premise or in the cloud. The difference is that cloud computing adheres to better security practices. We believe the on-premise server in your office is not secured properly – physically or from the public Internet. We believe it because we have seen it too many times. As more and more companies are moving their IT to the cloud, the question of security becomes paramount. While opponents have their reasons to keep the debate about cloud security fuelled, SME’s should not ignore the number of benefits a cloud solution provide them.

With hosted services, there are multiple levels of control in network infrastructure which ensure complete data security. Let’s look at some of the key security benefits offered by moving to the cloud:

• Data Encryption: Encryption of data at rest and in transit has significantly reduced the possibility of data theft. As the data is transmitted to and from the cloud in an encrypted form, any attempt to tamper the data can be thwarted.

• Regulatory Compliance: Good cloud providers help firms by managing and maintaining better infrastructure for compliance. Compliance and security certifications make it easier for businesses to trust their cloud providers.

• Physical access: The office cupboard is the wrong place for critical company data storage servers.

• Round-the-clock-support: Most cloud providers offer 24/7 support, which includes continuous live monitoring. Redundancy ensures that your data is always available to access.

• Security as a Service: Cloud Providers and especially Microsoft Office 365 offer unique, security mechanisms which are designed to protect against internal or external security concerns. We are good at setting this up.