IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

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A well-designed IT infrastructure is critical for keeping business operations efficient and processes uninterrupted. It runs business apps and empowers users to perform tasks to the best of their abilities. Today, many SMEs invest in managed IT infrastructure services to seamlessly scale and gain experienced IT experts immediately.

Network Fish offers a wide range of onsite and remote infrastructure management services. We help organisations and businesses to keep up-to-date with accelerated changes and design robust and reliable traditional or cloud infrastructures

IT infrastructure solutions for your business

Network Fish offers reliable, flexible and secure IT infrastructure solutions for your business and end-to-end support. We believe that well-designed infrastructure setups are explicitly tailored to the business needs and processes. 

However, the pillars of properly managed IT infrastructure remain unchanged even with the constant and rapid development of technologies:

  • Backup and disaster recovery/ infrastructure security
  • Enterprise networks and storage capabilities
  • Servers and operating systems
  • Database and data center management
  • Applications and application development

Our team of experts has extensive experience in all aspects of IT service management and knows how to build an outstanding digital workplace based on a virtual desktop infrastructure with an opportunity for a hybrid cloud environment

With our service management team, your business will receive top-class infrastructure security and cost-effective data storage solutions, optimised WAN, low-latency networking and zero downtime.

IT infrastructure service features

A fully functional, secure IT infrastructure is designed with many elements in mind, each contributing to the flawless synchronisation of five pillars. 

These elements fall into one of three possible categories or so-called “infrastructure layers”:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Application

You get all the necessary network and storage equipment at the physical hardware level, including networking components, data centers, web servers, routers, power equipment, cables, etc. 

At the software level, you get components such as software for networking and storage and a hypervisor for running virtual machines. You can also get infrastructure management software and document/content management systems which help you automate processes and perform complex tasks more simply.

What do we offer?

Network Fish offers managed information technology infrastructure services for any stage of the development process. We can expand your current IT systems, help you with cloud migration, and set up an entirely new network for you based on your requirements. We provide extensive consulting services and can work independently or closely with your in-house IT team.

Our service management comprises various elements to form an end-to-end solution. Network Fish can evaluate, plan, design, administer, monitor, troubleshoot and support traditional, hybrid or cloud infrastructure types.

IT infrastructure service options

There are two types of IT infrastructures: traditional and cloud infrastructure. They are very similar, comprising three layers – hardware, software and application. However, cloud infrastructure is accessible to end-users via the Internet thanks to virtualisation technology, while traditional infrastructure is installed on-premises.

Network Fish provides managed services for both types of IT infrastructures and additional opportunities for private and public cloud, as well as hybrid cloud networks. Our service options are unlimited and will be tailored to your business size and goals and the age and capacity of your current infrastructure (if any).

Our goal is to maximise system resources and efficiency, upgrade security systems, increase employee productivity and improve end-user experience. 

We do so by creating personalised solutions and blending complex processes including, but not limited to:

  • IT and end-user support and consulting
  • Cabling and connectivity management
  • Security systems setup, management and support (cloud, anti-virus, data protection)
  • Systems and network management
  • Data center outsourcing and cloud consolidation and hosting
  • VoIP services (including migration)

IT infrastructure service benefits

Improved performance

Managed IT infrastructure services benefit organisations of all sizes, SMEs in particular. First, a well-designed infrastructure is a key to increasing operational performance and efficiency. Strong networks can improve business processes and productivity with automated processes and low latency. 

Scalable solution

Managed services offer the exceptional advantage of being able to scale seamlessly as your business grows and as your goals and needs change. Instead of looking into hiring new employees for your in-house IT team, you already have them at your disposal. You can also use them if you are opening an office at a new location.

Managed infrastructure service providers such as Network Fish can execute tasks instead of your IT team, like cloud computing and supporting virtual environments, allowing them to focus on project tasks.

Better security

Cyber security is critical for business continuity and the success of a business. That’s why organisations highly benefit from managed IT infrastructure services as they focus on secure systems and operations, among many other elements, and strive to make platforms more resilient. Security policies, end-to-end encryption and multifactor authentication, are only some of the security procedures a managed service provider can offer you.

Who is this service for?

This service is suitable for small and medium companies that already have or plan to design or migrate their traditional or cloud infrastructure and want to work with experienced professionals. If you lack IT resources on your in-house team or want to invest in a secure solution that will scale together with your business, this service is for you.

Why us?

Network Fish has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has selected top-notch professionals to join the team. Our experts will design and manage your IT infrastructure and provide you with the solution you need for your business to grow and complete your digital transformation process.