Disaster Recovery Services

The crucial bottom line is that you simply cannot recover data that you haven’t actually kept, but the good news is that as a disaster recovery service specialist we’re here to help with backing up your London data. If something isn’t backed up and a problem occurs, that data is gone forever, and for businesses this could be damaging. But when you use our disaster recovery services, backing up your data has never been simpler.

Even if you do currently have a backup strategy and are confident that you don’t need assistance, there are still some questions you should be asking: When was the last time you reviewed this strategy? How confident are you that the data on which your livelihood depends is securely backed up?

Data storage technologies and solutions are plentiful, but, critically, too few businesses take the time out to get clued-up on the best backup practices that could save them a major headache in the long-run. It’s all too easy to think that things will take care of themselves, or that you’ve got it covered, or that your old hard drive your wife got you for Christmas in 2001 is still the best.

That “won’t happen to me”

If you’ve recently been giving backing up your data a little bit of thought, or if perhaps you’ve been given a bit of a scare recently, let’s take a look at the best back-up practices that either you or we here at Network Fish, a company that offers IT support in London, can put into practice.

Our London IT Support Service Helps You Identify What You Need To Back Up

This is a precautionary measure that all businesses should take. While deciding what data is of paramount importance can take a bit of time, this step is vitally important. In fact, it’s downright fundamental.

Ask yourself what you absolutely cannot afford to lose and what you can afford to lose.

We Ensure You Have Two Separate Backup Destinations

One backup destination is okay, but having two backup destinations is fantastic. This is security at its finest. You should also work to store a duplicate of your most important data off-site. For this, you can use DVDs, a second external hard drive, or even an online service.

We Ensure That Your Disaster Recovery Plan Is Solid And Backup Copies Are Valid

There is nothing more soul destroying than a backup copy that isn’t even valid.

Precautionary backup measures can be time-consuming, but they will be even more time consuming if your backup duplicates are invalid.

To make sure that your backup copies are valid and can be restored without any problems, you need to rank the importance of your data and identity a route that ensures your key data is backed up before anything else and restored first too.

As Part Of Our Disaster Recovery Services We Employ A Backup Rotation Scheme In London

A backup rotation scheme is a system that allows you to backup your data on as few types of computer media as possible via re-use.

If you employ a backup rotation scheme, you will be in better control of how and when a piece of removable storage is used for backing up data, and how long it will be needed for once backup has been stored.

There are actually numerous backup rotation scheme techniques out there, and you can either employ a member of staff to take charge of yours, or make use of the experience of one of Network Fish’s engineers who are trained in all aspects of IT support.

Backup In A Fireproof Safe

Storing your backup computer media in a fireproof safe might sound like you’re being overly security conscious, but when crucial data is at risk, a fireproof safe is one of your safest bets. This is a matter of both safety and common sense.

Alternatively, your backup storage could be taken off site by, say, a member of staff or a trained engineer from Network Fish.

A physically secured offsite location guarantees that your data is safe and sound from theft, damage, as well as malware, spam and viruses.

Backup Log

The help provided by our IT support services in London like Network Fish encompass a wealth of areas, including assisting with helping you maintain a backup log.

A backup log isn’t even time consuming, yet the help it provides is invaluable; whether you are employing a backup rotation scheme or not, a backup log will help you (as well as your auditors) to keep track of all your backup activities. It is quite easy to lose track of your backup media – which is hugely detrimental.

We Help Schedule Your Disaster Recovery Practices

The key is to stay on top of your backup practices, and this usually means scheduling a full-system backup each and every week.

Alternatively, you should employ a series of smaller, cumulative backups each day and night. This is something you can ask a member of staff to do for you, or you could work with Network Fish, who are home to a team of expert, professional IT support workers.

All in all, copying and archiving your computer data is incredibly important and requires a full-on strategy to maintain it. Essentially a job all unto itself, backing up your data can be really time-consuming. If you’re looking for assistance, Network Fish offer expert IT support and disaster recovery services in London for affordable prices. Why not contact us today for more information? We’re happy to talk.