Managed Wi-Fi installation for flexible office spaces

Managed Wi-Fi installation for flexible office spaces

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Flexible office spaces, coworking environments, and multi-tenanted buildings are an intelligent way for small and medium-sized companies to remain flexible towards dynamic workloads, team member counts, and scalable growth. 

With decades of experience in devising SMEs and their business models, our team has the expertise, tools, and equipment to provide high-end telecommunication and data services for companies that operate in a versatile coworking ecosystem. We install, configure and support internet and Wi-Fi solutions for entire buildings.

What is a Wi-Fi connection?

Although everybody uses a Wi-Fi connection nowadays, not many people know what it is. There’s a common misrepresentation of Wi-Fi networks as “the internet”. 

Wi-Fi is a technology based on a radio signal transmission between a wireless router and devices within the frequency range. At the same time, a Wi-Fi connection is a successful communication between the Internet service provider, the router and your device.

What is a Wi-Fi network?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of a WiFi network, even if you don’t know what it is. You might sometimes see a message when you are trying to connect to one on your device’s screen, informing you if it’s a public or a private network.

A Wi-Fi network works for multiple devices that can connect to the Internet via the same router and internet modem. The router broadcasts in a larger coverage area and allows all devices in the range to connect to it if they have the corresponding network name and password. Of course, not all Wi-Fi networks require entering a name and password.

Types of Wi-Fi networks

You’ve probably heard of those as well. Do the abbreviations WPAN, WLAN and WWAN sound familiar to you? 

Well, that’s because they are all types of Wi-Fi networks :

  • WPAN – Wireless personal area networks
  • WLAN – Wireless local area networks
  • WWAN – Wireless wide area networks
  • WMAN – Wireless metropolitan area networks

Components of a business network

You can choose any wireless network for your business, as long as it serves your purposes and meets your needs. It’s essential to select a business-grade wireless network with reliable security measures that can support the necessary number of users. 

The main components of a business network include the following:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Network cables
  • Wi-Fi access points
  • Hubs
  • Servers
  • Network interface cards


Network switches are devices that allow data transfer between network-connected devices. Managed switches provide better performance and improved security features.


Wi-Fi routers are essential components of a business network as they are responsible for connecting devices to the Internet, thus making business processes possible. They also interconnect devices within the local network, such as hard drives and printers and make them available for common use.

Network cables

Network cables (such as Ethernet or fibre optic cables) allow you to physically connect devices within the network.

Wi-Fi access points

Wi-Fi access points are similar to routers in the sense of bringing wireless capabilities to wired networks by allowing wireless devices to connect. However, routers incorporate more complex features.


A hub is a network hardware device that allows you to connect multiple Ethernet devices.


Servers are the primary computers where the network system is installed, which manage all network resources by granting access to users or allowing specific functionality. The rest of the resources are called “clients”.

Network interface cards (NIC)

Installing a NIC on a device allows it to connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi installation and network configuration

If you are planning on opening or managing a flexible office space, you know that proper Wi-Fi installation and network configuration are of essential importance. Employees need to work uninterrupted and don’t want to encounter any Wi-Fi issues. 

A network manager is responsible for all factors that might affect the connectivity of users and devices. That includes equipment, setup type, hardware placement, network installation, configurations, deployment and monitoring.

Why asking an expert to do it is better?

While you can certainly engage your IT and engineering departments with Wi-Fi network installation and network security, they probably need to focus on other aspects of your business processes. 

On the other hand, hiring a serviced office IT provider will save you time, resources and money. A professional team can seamlessly connect all network devices and minimise network downtime. You can get the best security and the opportunity to scale in case your traffic increases.

Why leave your flexible office space IT solutions in our hands?

All in all, we have the expertise, we have the background, and we have the ultimate customer service flow. 

Here is what stands behind what we are today:

  • We’ve been there, and we’ve done it before. When you reach out to us, you’ll enjoy every benefit that comes with our seven years of experience in the IT support niche. 
  • We have plenty of happy customers and partners. Many UK coworking businesses and flexible office spaces count on our top-notch technical support. 
  • We’ve always put a highlight on the brand. Before we even start, we’ll consider your value proposition so that every technological solution we propose will add to your brand image.
  • It’s easy to work with us. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. We’re not prickly or pretentious, we know how to put the focus beyond ourselves, and we appreciate a healthy bit of inside humour every now and then. 
  • We focus on your results. It is all about what adds value to you and your business. Above all, we want our services to work for you and help you grow.

All in all, we strive to be something more than a reliable managed service provider. We rely on sturdy commitment, hard work and tailored cooperation to be your long-term business partner. 

How do we do it?

Business class connectivity

Today’s enterprises run on information, so an operative data network is integral to administration and performance. Therefore, both customer experience and employee productivity depend on the network’s speed, quality, and flexibility. That is why we are here to ensure your organisation with enterprise-level service and functionality in various forms.

Secure internet access for members

Our Internet Service delivers high-speed internet connectivity via a dedicated, fibre-optic leased line (or lines) that will provide from 100Mbts up to 10Gbts of synchronous connectivity, depending on your pre-shared preferences. 

Network Fish connectivity services are unlikely to be interrupted by outages at the local exchange, thanks to resiliency – a reliable backup by alternative connectivity routes that guarantees the connection is fully uncontended.

Your members’ bandwidth usage will be managed by sophisticated Quality of Service policies on the latest firewall technologies by Cisco and Palo Alto. Thus, tenants can share a single bandwidth pipe and burst to the connection’s full speed without affecting other members’ experience.

Dedicated internet access

We are fully aware that for specific industries, a shared connection does not always cover regulated requirements and cannot guarantee the highest level of performance sought after. 

By configuring dedicated internet access for your company, we will help you operate with a fixed amount of uncontended bandwidth. Thus, you will be unaffected by the increased usage of other businesses in the building while also sticking to the best practices in your industry.

Additional connectivity features & services

To thoroughly satisfy all your communication demands and help your IT infrastructure function as expected, we are ready to present you with some new-generation hardware and networking services. 

Including :

  • Managed Wi-Fi technologies with a dual-band access point, controlled via an SDN that supports secure, enterprise-grade authentication.
  • Network Switches distribute data feeds to multiple endpoints and enable telephones, cameras, and other compatible equipment to operate without a power supply.
  • Corporate Virtual Firewall eliminates the need for a customer to install their own hardware firewall.
  • Static IP Addressing for remote access or configuration of a VPN connection by the end-user. 
  • A VPN Tunnel to warrant a safe and reliable connection between tenant offices and data centres and/or other offices.
  • CCTV – is an affordable surveillance technology that monitors and records your sites – all within a single dashboard.
  • Printing Solutions – either shared across floors or dedicated to tenants via a unique authentication mechanism.

Hosted VoIP telephony & conference phones

Our business telephony solutions will make you reachable for your customers – first time, every time, no matter when they reach out to you or where you (or they) are located. 

As a part of the process, we will assemble a bespoke combination of telephony and messaging features that will add optimal value to your business. Finally, our telephones will be promptly provisioned to tenants to be used via a handset, a mobile app, or a computer desktop.

We can accommodate you with a conference phone to suit various meeting environments if you need to host your telephony conferences. We address today’s audio challenges and unify a smooth and straightforward conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants.

Other IT support services

Nowadays, every small and medium-sized company, project management firm, or organisation, needs a robust IT toolset to function uniformly and maximise its performance. 

With regards to the best practices in the IT industry, we can also offer tailored IT solutions that include one or more of the following: 

  • Microsoft 365 for businesses
  • IT Infrastructure design, implementation, and support
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

With a white-labelled helpdesk and a committed, knowledgeable staff, we are here to ensure you grow as you go.

Who is this service for?

Our network installation and configuration services are suitable for anyone who wants to create a flexible office environment or needs to manage an already existing network. If you need a building-wide network surpassing basic home network security, then you’ll undoubtedly benefit from these services.

If you want your network configured and delivered without complications, then managed Wi-Fi installation is for you. In case you need excellent IoT connectivity or other specific needs related to the building’s purpose (e.g. hospitality, health care, administrative), contact Network Fish to get a tailored solution.

Why us?          

Choosing Network Fish guarantees you high-quality professional services for a reasonable price. We will consult with you to plan and design the tailored solution your office workspace and end users need. 
You don’t have to worry about anything – our end-to-end services include strategic planning, installation, configuration and ongoing support and monitoring. We can combine the network configuration with our other services for a complete IT support solution to help your business grow.