Why Is It Essential To Have Managed Antivirus?

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As of 2021, Managed Antivirus is a hot topic among both London SMEs and large corporations from all over the globe. The reasons barely need further explanation anymore – with digital transformation, logically, come digital threats: data breaches, malware, viruses, and hacks. 

“Better safe than sorry” is no joke around here. Once malicious software reaches one of your company’s machines, your entire network can be put at risk, and recovering can be either costly or impossible. 

Of course, protecting your company devices against viruses is crucial. But how does central safety monitoring outperform any unmanaged antivirus software? Let us explain a bit further.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Antivirus – What’s the Difference?

You are probably well aware of how unmanaged antivirus software functions. That’s an alternative where each individual device has separate antivirus software installed. Consequently, it needs to be separately updated, and each of your employees needs to be individually instructed on the best cybersecurity standards to follow. As you can see, the human error factor plays a massive role here and is frequently leading to some rather unexpected occurrences.

Managed antivirus solutions, on the other hand, follow a different logic. This type of protection comes from a single, often external source, controlled by cybersecurity professionals. It’s a type of outsourced IT support, suitable for any kind of modern workplace.

Put in simple terms: instead of protecting devices individually, managed antivirus services flow monitoring information through a single cloud security service. No worries about employee mistakes, no scheduling updates, and no trying to somehow figure it all out by yourself. Instead, professional engineers will monitor for virus definitions and alerts and react swiftly and accordingly, with zero effort on your part.

The Benefits of Having Centrally Managed Antivirus

If we need to systematize things in the most straightforward way possible, the benefits of having centrally monitored antivirus protection from managed IT support experts are as follows:

  • Regular and system-wide updates that are scheduled and implemented according to the best practices in the cybersecurity niche.
  • Ongoing monitoring, system scanning, and patching entirely run by your managed service provider.
  • Absolute control over your antivirus coverage, as your employees will not be able to uninstall or turn off the centralized antivirus solution.
  • Rapid reaction to upcoming threats, taken care of by your IT company right on the spot.
  • Better cost-effectiveness compared to purchasing multiple individual licenses for non-managed antivirus software. 

Sounds like a win-win situation to you? That’s because it is.

Managed Antivirus Service Costs

At Network Fish, the central antivirus management is calculated on a per-seat and a per-server basis – the subscription is paid for each workstation included.

And if that doesn’t seem to give you the answer you’ve been looking for, you are welcome to calculate the precise amount by merely filling in your details in our simple IT support calculator, under the “Antivirus” section.

For any further questions and requests, feel free to contact us and let us make all the clarifications you might need.