Microsoft Viva: Reinventing the Employee Experience

Microsoft Viva

With the growing significance of mobility and flexible working places, the business environment is logically searching for the best way to keep employee satisfaction and productivity as high as possible.

What’s more – hybrid work models and new patterns of teamwork continually develop. Virtually all industries are paying ever-growing attention to how their teams collaborate in the digital space. 

The increasing awareness of fruitful connection, engagement, professional growth, and personal wellbeing are, therefore, in need of the proper IT tools to bring the theory into practice.

The good news? The tool is here, and it’s name is Microsoft Viva. 

What Exactly is Microsoft Viva?

Technically speaking, Microsoft Viva is an integrated Employee Experience Platform. It runs mainly through the Microsoft Teams interface. However, it reaches as deep and as wide as the Microsoft 365 system itself. 

The concept behind Microsoft Viva is rather simple: bringing the workplace transformation we’ve all been waiting for. As a people-centred tool, it is not merely maximizing the employee potential in their professional role but also supporting them as human beings and individuals. 

How Does Microsoft Viva Elevate Both Experience and Performance?

Microsoft Viva offers a multi-layer employee experience – personalized, actionable, and totally secure. 

By supporting an intelligent digital ecosystem, it enhances the prospects of sharable knowledge, practical insights, successful inclusion, and team cohesion at all levels and departments of the company. 

It can be used anytime and anywhere – on all devices connected to your Microsoft 365 business account. All you’ll need will be a reliable Microsoft partner to make the process as easily manageable as possible. 

What Types of Modules Does Microsoft Viva Include?

The platform consists of four different topical modules, each of which adds up to the total usability and adaptability of MS Viva. TWe can briefly explain these as follows:

Microsoft Viva Connections

The module brings together resources such as news, conversations, tasks, and progress, thus helping your entire organization stay updated and engaged. 

Of course, it provides swift and easy access to the practical “to-do” list. But also to the company’s structure, values, and strategic priorities. 

Microsoft Viva Insights

The “Insights” module is indeed a game-changer in the business environment today. It provides data-driven understanding and personalized recommendations for improving the personal wellbeing of both teams and individuals. 

Viva Insights uses a set of advanced tools and integrations to spot and address challenges. At the same time, all the data in it remains strictly privacy-protected. 

Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics is a module for utilizing professional and organizational expertise among your teams and departments. You can divide and implement it for multiple subjects. These include current projects, established business processes, product details, customer communication, etc. 

The module has built-in AI functionalities that integrate with Microsoft Search to deliver timely, relevant, and usable content on a wide assortment of topics. 

Microsoft Viva Learning

A recent statistic published by Deloitte estimates that employees spend an average of 1% of their workweek learning new skills. MS Viva Learning is trying to address that growth barrier, and it looks rather promising. 

Basically, this is a content library that integrates first-rate resources from multiple sources, including LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, and third-party providers. The process is very flexible and convenient, as it relies on both traditional and microlearning approaches. 

Trust Professional IT Support For Your Microsoft 365 Business Tools

Both Microsoft Viva and every other tool or platform by Microsoft can deliver superb results as long as they are adequately implemented and securely maintained.

So, to get started, you can keep on exploring the official Microsoft Viva page. Or simply give us a call to let us do the on-hands part for you. 

As an official Microsoft Partner, Network Fish is guaranteed to keep up with the highest IT support standards and make your experience worthwhile.