Remote IT Support Services

Remote IT Support Services

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Take your small or medium-sized business tech support to the next level

Get the best tech support without frustration

Do you own or manage a small or medium-sized business? If the answer is yes, you probably wonder where to begin with your business’ tech support needs

You need dedicated office space for your hardware, constant support for software and security issues and an entire team of professional IT engineers that you need to hire and trust. 

Reduce service desk waiting times and improve end-user experience

What if we told you that you could save financial resources on resolving IT issues and invest your time in your actual business development? 

Network Fish provides completely remote IT support services and a support team of trained IT technicians ready to assist your business and create a pleasant end-user experience. Reduce your service desk waiting times on critical system issues and choose Network Fish, one of the best UK-based remote support service providers.

What are remote IT support services?

Our business service desk solutions and remote network support merge into a specialized and complete remote IT support service for your small or medium business. 

You and your employees can contact us during working hours via phone or email to receive immediate support on everyday technical issues you encounter. Such problems might be of different service levels, and some might require our team to acquire remote access to a device via specialized software.

Our complex solutions to critical problems related to systems and servers typically involve proactive maintenance and reactive break/fix. They do not usually involve remote support sessions with your employees or internal IT department (if you have one). Rather than that, our experienced IT engineers perform regularly scheduled tasks to achieve your target goals.

Remote IT Support Services

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What can our remote IT support technicians do for your business?

Our IT support technicians can remotely help your business and employees with a full suite of IT solutions without physically coming to your premises. They are based in London, England and Sofia, Bulgaria, and if your business is located elsewhere, they will work remotely to provide technical and service desk support services.

Technical and service desk support

Network Fish incorporates a complex combination of technical and service desk support solutions to achieve excellence in remote tech support services. Our remote monitoring and resolution strategy guarantees maximum uptime and immediate break & fix solutions via patch management and diagnostic programs. 

Your employees can contact our team via mobile devices or email during supported hours and receive assistance regarding various aspects of IT-related issues within an average response time of 5 minutes. 

Sometimes adequate support might require our technicians to access a specific device with remote desktop software (remote computer) :

  • User training
  • How-to advice
  • Account creation
  • Guidance
  • Accessibility
  • File restoration
  • Malware support
  • New technology
  • Other

Network Fish can assist you remotely regarding all the IT solutions we specialize in.

Microsoft 365 solutions

We provide  : 

  • Ongoing IT support for Microsoft 365 users
  • Manage & support users and devices
  • Manage & support Sharepoint
  • Manage & support Exchange
  • Manage & support Microsoft 365 Security
  • Manage & support Teams
  • Manage & support Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Backup & disaster recovery

We provide  : 

  • Server backups
  • Workstation backups
  • Microsoft 365 backup (Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Office 365)
  • Microsoft 365 disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
Remote IT Support Services

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Cyber security

We provide  : 

  • Encryption services
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Antivirus security
  • DNS security
  • Firewalls

VoIP telephony

We provide  : 

  • Microsoft Teams Phones
  • Microsoft Business Voice
  • VoIP telephony handsets and software
  • 3CX/Teams
  • Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome OS/Android/iOS

Hosted & infrastructure services

We provide  : 

  • Physical and virtual server hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Managed/unmanaged internet connections
  • Managed/unmanaged wide-area network connections
  • Consulting and strategy development
  • Remote support solutions
  • Hardware and software landscaping

Benefits of remote information technology support services

By choosing Network Fish’s remote information technology support services, you can rest assured that your systems, hardware, and software will function at their full potential and be safe from cyber-attacks and malware. 

When they encounter technical problems, your employees can contact an IT professional within 15 minutes and get the help they need. Although our engineers respond to queries during support hours, our technical support (monitoring and maintenance) is constantly ongoing behind the scenes.

You can finally give your business the flexibility and security it needs for an affordable price. Network Fish will provide professional advice and a tailored strategy for your business needs and development. 

Remote workers no longer have to struggle with technical issues, as they always have someone to count on. Contact us today for your custom remote IT support service.

Remote IT Support Services

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