Azure Services

Azure Services

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According to Statista, as of the end of 2021, Microsoft Azure offers over 200 cloud services and products widely used by organisations of all sizes, including governmental, financial, healthcare, web development and more. Some more popular services are Azure AI, big data analytics, Azure IoT hub, Machine Learning, DevOps tools and others.

Another interesting fact is that over 70% of organisations worldwide have chosen Microsoft Azure as their cloud service provider. If you are part of this percentage or planning on becoming one, Network Fish can help you maximise value and optimise business performance.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal offered by Microsoft that was first launched in 2010. 

Previously known as Windows Azure, today, the Azure platform entails a wide range of cloud services and over 200 products, all of which aim to help businesses of all sizes bring their ideas to life. You get access to all of Microsoft’s cloud services and resources by using Azure services. 

What services and tools does Microsoft Azure offer?

Microsoft Azure cloud services and integrated tools are used throughout various industries, including financial, e-commerce, healthcare, governmental and many more. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, networking, identity, mobile and storage are just a few services your business can take advantage of. 

The main four types of cloud computing that Microsoft offers through Azure are serverless, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). The Azure platform provides a complete suite of business applications and solutions, covering the top cloud computing categories.

The platform supports Java, C#, Node Js and multiple other programming languages, making it possible for Microsoft Azure DevOps to develop new web apps or upgrade existing applications.

How does it help businesses?

Microsoft created Azure with the thought of helping businesses grow by facilitating management and aiding them in achieving their goals. Companies can use the platform in various ways, including organisation and development, by picking specific services, tools and frameworks they need for their operations.

Developers can build, scale, run and manage applications in the public cloud, across multiple clouds, at the edge or on-premises, as Microsoft Azure’s solutions allow seamless hybrid operation. The platform also supports open source technologies so businesses can build software on their terms and conditions.

Not only that, but Azure also helps businesses by providing them with a secure platform with impressive security management options and a strategic approach to complying with global regulations. 

Microsoft is the way to go if you run a business and want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. You can enjoy continuous innovation and be among the first to deploy it and reap its rewards.

SMEs (small and medium enterprises) have an excellent opportunity to invest in a scalable solution that they can grow together. It’s also a very affordable and cost-effective way to access a wide range of products, services and third-party applications. It’s no wonder many Fortune 500 companies take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform.

How does Microsoft Azure work?

Azure uses virtualisation technology, which separates the computer’s CPU and operating system coupling. Microsoft’s data centers use server hypervisors to run multiple Azure virtual machines. Each Azure virtual machine can run compatible operating systems (e.g. Windows server, Linux) and applications independently and share a single host machine’s resources.

As per the user side, Azure works on a subscription-based model. There are four types of subscriptions. The first is the free trial, where you can access a specific set of apps/services for a limited time. The pay-as-you-go subscription is most widely used because you pay only for the services/resources you use each month.

Enterprise Agreements (EA) are the third type of subscription where you get a specific set of services for a particular period. Such an agreement is less flexible but comes with privileges and a discount. A fourth option is to reserve an Azure virtual desktop for a one or 3-year period and choose your preferred payment time.

Why should you use Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest cloud computing platforms with countless data centers and servers worldwide, which saves you the need to maintain and upgrade your hardware as a user. 

Azure supports thousands of businesses worldwide by providing them with the opportunity to develop and host app services, test them, create virtual machines and hard drives, integrate features and collect metrics. 

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions to match your needs

If you need IaaS, PaaS or a SaaS solution for your business, Azure might be the platform of choice. 

The online portal has many advantages, among which are the following:

  • Supports multiple operating systems, languages and frameworks
  • Offers numerous tools and cloud service categories
  • You can use it from anywhere in the world due to their global data services
  • Budget-friendly, flexible and scalable

What Microsoft Azure services do we provide?

Network Fish offers Azure-related services to help your business grow and ease your internal operations. Depending on your current needs, we can sell and provide you with a Microsoft Azure Cloud subscription or begin managing your existing one. 

Our speciality is Azure migration, management and IT support. We can maximise your cloud resources and implement new projects or support your existing ones. In addition, we provide expert Azure consultancy, advice, guidance, configuration and setup.

Azure consultancy

Our team has cloud computing platforms and consulting expertise and specialises in AWS and Azure products. We will assess the current state of your Azure initiatives by complex calculations, including TCO, ROI, development time, and costs. 

The next step of our tailored strategy is to organise consultation sessions with your executive team and prepare the best offer. Such consultations may entail Q&A sessions to maximise value, describe pros and cons and cast light on specific solutions.

Infrastructure services

Network Fish’s team can design and deploy hybrid cloud infrastructures for Azure cloud applications and data lakes. We provide the corresponding necessary support together with monitoring and system software control.

An adequately designed Azure infrastructure allows you to focus on core business functions and innovate rapidly while taking advantage of better data protection from security threats. You also get improved stability, reliability, business continuity and disaster recovery while reducing ongoing costs and cloud spending.

Azure migration strategy

Our team can help you develop a reliable migration strategy to transfer to Microsoft Azure services and ensure your business processes stay intact. It perfectly suits your business needs and goals, budget, risk management plan, timeframe and development capabilities.

Network Fish creates a detailed roadmap for each process steps to ensure a seamless transition with no function interruptions. Security and business continuity are on top of our priority list, as we also guarantee continuous support services for further optimisation after the migration is complete.

Azure advice and guidance

Our mission is to help SMEs evolve and bring new ideas to life. We help them get the most out of Azure cloud services with expert advice and guidance. Our team can offer you personalised and actionable advice to ensure maximum optimisation of Azure security, cloud resources, cost, performance and data storage.

We do not only keep you up to date with the most current Microsoft Azure best practices, but we also provide you with detailed step-by-step guidance. With our services, you can gain advanced threat protection, scalable cloud storage, achieve operational excellence and even reduce costs.

Microsoft Azure configuration and setting up

Another service we offer is complete Microsoft Azure configuration and setup. Our team can take care of everything from Azure active directory and domain controllers to access management and push notifications. 

Network Fish can set up Azure data storage for encryption keys and vaults, app settings, configure label tagging and point-in-time snapshots, comparison options, identity management and framework integration.

Who is this service for?

This service is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to bring their innovative ideas to life and save time, money and resources they would otherwise invest in a cloud computing platform storage and management solutions

Our services are for you if you want to use reliable management and analysis systems such as Microsoft Azure SQL server databases for your E-Commerce or data warehousing business. You can also benefit from our services if you seek ways to enable advanced threat protection and ensure business continuity by implementing backup and disaster recovery.

In case you’re a part of a small or medium-sized organisation in healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing or another sphere of business and you want to achieve any of the following, then Network Fish is for you.

We provide the following benefits : 

  • Optimised and efficient cloud infrastructure
  • Supreme Azure data protection
  • Efficient new tools and automate processes 
  • Understanding of Azure cognitive services
  • Maximise cloud intelligence
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Azure machine learning
  • Enjoy limitless analytics service
  • Seamless cloud journey
  • Lower your associated costs
  • Reduce skill and knowledge gaps

Why Us?

Professional experience

Network Fish has over 20 years of experience and numerous IT support projects with growing small and medium-sized enterprises. We have excellent reviews and successful case studies to prove our expertise within the IT support sector.

Trained experts

Our IT team comprises dedicated Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP) who are ready to help your business and share their know-how and best practices.  

Performance and budget optimisation

With Network Fish, you get a cloud architecture service tailored to your business needs, created to improve performance and operational efficiencies. Our team works with you to reduce costs related to cloud infrastructure, migration strategy, storage consumption and app development. This allows you to optimise and plan your budget and guarantees you won’t get any unexpected expenses. 
Contact us today to get the best performance/quality/price ratio and start bringing your ideas to life.