Backup Microsoft Teams Data

Backup Microsoft Teams Data

Microsoft Teams is the teamwork collaboration hub of Microsoft 365 plans. It includes data from calendars, chats, meetings, messages, and other 365 apps. That is why employing a proper Microsoft Teams backup solution is essential for your business.

What’s a Team Made Up Of?

A team in Microsoft Teams is a group of people who work on a given project. A team can consist of standard channels visible to everyone or private channels available to specific members.

Why Should You Back Up Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft employs the “Shared Responsibility Model”, meaning that they are not responsible for Teams backup. It’s the individual organisation’s responsibility to backup Microsoft teams data. 

The Teams app can be restored within 30 days in case of accidental or intentional deletion. However, all data such as teams chats, teams calendars, tasks, media and other Microsoft Teams files will be permanently lost if you don’t back it up.

How Can You Back Up Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams consists of 6 different data types that you need to back up and restore in case of a disaster. This data includes messages, shared files, web pages, OneNote, group mailbox messages and calendars. 

Standard Microsoft 365 Retention

You can use the service-specific retention options offered by Microsoft. 

Here it’s important to note that they have some limitations:

  • They don’t protect teams’ messages.
  • Exchange Online mailbox retention policy includes 14 (maximum 30) days of recovery time.
  • Deleted items from OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online document library are permanently deleted after 90 days.
  • There’s a limited storage quota that you can increase by purchasing a monthly subscription.

Microsoft Compliance Retention Policies

You can benefit from Microsoft’s compliance risk assessment tools by configuring two retention policies if you have purchased a subscription for the E3 or E5 plan. One of the policies is responsible for private and standard channel messages and one-to-one chat messages. The second policy retains OneDrive data, Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites. 

However, compliance retention consumes most of your available Office 365 storage. It also doesn’t include Team Planner, OneNote or Forms data backup. 

Why Do You Need Expert Help?

As seen above, there are certain limitations for both Microsoft’s native backup solutions. Restoring critical data in Microsoft Teams might be a daunting task. That is why we recommend consulting with an IT solution provider and looking for expert help. 

How Can We Help Your Business?

Network Fish offers complete Microsoft Teams data backup for predefined critical data types and information. We provide a tailored solution for your business and business continuity without worrying about data loss.

Why Us?

Network Fish is an IT solution provider with over two decades of experience in the market. Thousand of business owners rely on our backup and disaster recovery strategies. Our highly experienced IT engineers use the best backup tools and provide personalised services.