Backup Exchange

Backup Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is an email server provided by Microsoft and runs on Windows server operating systems. It works with webmails and synchronises emails, contacts, calendars, and more across other devices. 

You can imagine how a proper backup of your Microsoft Exchange servers is essential if you want to restore your Exchange server database, messages, settings and files. Network Fish offers full system recovery, including an Exchange backup as part of our disaster recovery plan. 

How do we provide an MS Exchange backup?

At Network Fish, we have selected a team of professionals with impeccable knowledge of Microsoft software and backup management. Below are some of the steps they take to ensure data protection and accessibility.

Exchange is fully integrated into Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a database service that controls user accounts, authorisation and access to sensitive data. Our experts take care of the Exchange server’s proper integration with the AD, which is vital for uninterrupted workflow and data breach security.

Server ‘restore’

Network Fish can restore a lost Exchange server by using new hardware or a new server by executing a few steps. We can reset the computer accounts and information saved in the AD and install proper operating Exchange server settings.

Database copies

Network Fish can group Exchange Mailbox servers into DAG (database availability group) and support and back up up to 16 copies of a single database. 

Recovery of a deleted mailbox

We can restore data from the Exchange online mailboxes by connecting it to an AD user account or restoring the mailbox database to another existing mailbox via EAC or the Exchange Management Shell. 

Recover deleted messages (retention policy) 

Permanently deleted emails, contacts, tasks or other items in Outlook can be recovered within 14 days. However, we can extend that period to 30 days, recover deleted items and configure retention settings. 

Backing up‘ with PST

We can additionally back up emails, contacts, tasks and calendars in .pst files either in a personal storage folder or a server mailbox. In case of data loss or hardware failure, we can recover those items. 

Enable/disable single item recovery

Network Fish can enable single item recovery, meaning we can restore items within the retention period or adjust the settings in a way that forbids restoring them. We can also disable it. 

How can we help your business?

Network Fish provides complete MS Exchange backup solutions for your business, offering you complete business protection. Your servers, databases and mailboxes will be protected, enabling quick recovery and business continuity.

Why Us?

By choosing Network Fish as your IT solution provider, you can rely on experienced professionals to take care of your Exchange regular backup and item restoration. 
You can contact our sales and support teams easily from our contact us page.