Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic scalable solution for small, medium and large organisations. It is the preferred management system by thousands of businesses. It allows users to work and collaborate from anywhere and any time via desktop, mobile and web apps. 

With such a diverse way of accessing user data and editing sensitive business information, comes the question of security risks and potential loss of data. Network Fish is an IT solution provider offering a full Office backup for you.

Microsoft 365 Backup Is a Must

Although many people believe that using Microsoft Office 365 dismisses the necessity of backing critical productivity data, Microsoft 365 backup is a must. 

Microsoft offers short-term native data protection in cases where there’s loss of service, natural disaster, hardware failure or user/admin error like soft delete. 

To prevent dealing with permanently deleted items, you will need to think about a third-party backup solution protecting you from:

  • Ransomware
  • Malicious activity
  • Accidental deletion
  • Hackers
  • Departing employees.

Employing a third-party backup tool guarantees a comprehensive backup, safe storage place and critical data restore operation, independent of Microsoft’s servers. To ensure business continuity, you will need to rely on a scalable solution, unlimited storage, wide backup scope, automatic backups, data security, data encryption and a disaster recovery plan. 

Avoid Microsoft 365 Data Loss

To avoid data loss, you need to backup data from different office applications such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online mailbox data. Ensuring an independent, secure data centre and data recovery plan is essential for avoiding Microsoft 365 data loss. 

Automatically Back Up Microsoft 365

Automated backups allow freeing up human resources time and exclude the possibility of human error when working with sensitive information. With an automatic backup, you can set backup frequency and preferred times of the day/week. 

In addition, you can be sure that all your calendars, tasks, customer data, contacts, payment details and others will stay safe no matter what. 


A scalable solution is the only solution. Allow your business to grow by choosing a third party tool or an IT solution provider that expands according to your needs. That way, if your company grows, the number of users grows, and your Office 365 data increases, you don’t have to depend on additional cloud connectors or hardware.

Hassle-Free, Unlimited Storage

One of Microsoft’s native backup solutions’ drawbacks is that your backup consumes your OneDrive storage quota. That leads to the automatic deletion of old items and additional storage costs when the storage is full. 

Choosing an IT service provider who offers unlimited storage in a secure data centre will protect you from the above situations. 

Data Security

It is vital to have more than one storage place for your data to rely on. Backed up information needs to be safely stored at a separate location, so you have complete availability and control over it at all times.

Disaster Recovery

Although Microsoft offers a short-term backup solution for specific data types and events, they do not state that they will recover it for you. That means you need to implement a proper disaster recovery plan so you can access your data in case of an emergency such as an outage, deletion, malware or other data loss events.

Why Do You Need to Back Up Microsoft 365?

Microsoft uses a “Shared Responsibility” model to protect organisations’ data. It’s your responsibility to back it up and restore it in case of need. In addition, Microsoft 365 backup processes provide multiple APIs to access distinct data types and applications. 

Having this in mind, you can imagine why different backup vendors focus on backing up specific applications and data types depending on the organisation’s needs. 

By choosing an IT solution provider or a third-party backup solution, you can rely on efficient eDiscovery and quick restoration and protection from Microsoft retention policy gaps and security threats.

Backup Management

When choosing your Microsoft 365 backup solution, consider the offered backup management. It needs to be centralised. Monitoring and managing all data from different apps should be done via a single dashboard for easy access and control. 

Centralised management will also make it easier to restore deleted or misplaced items, set your backup preferences, apply settings, user control, etc. 

Backup Recovery

Successfully recovering backed up data is needed to continue your work and have all the information you need. Backed up data without a recovery plan is equal to no backup. 

It is best if you have the option to retain an item from any point in time and version history. When it comes to Microsoft Teams data recovery, you will mostly need to restore channel and group chats or specific conversation dates. 

As for Exchange Online, it’s preferable that you’re able to restore entire folders or single emails for users and groups. Recovering OneDrive items should place them in a OneDrive account, while SharePoint backups go to the SharePoint Document Libraries.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Network Fish offers a full Microsoft 365 backup and recovery plan for your organisation. We use Veeam backup, the best third-party backup tool available on the market. Combined with our team of experienced professionals, it offers security for your most sensitive data.

Our backup plans work with all Microsoft 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams. IT solution providers rarely offer such complete backups. 

We can help your business with:

  • Retaining all data types in Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Backing up SharePoint sites
  • Microsoft Teams sites, channels and chats backup
  • Configuring backup times and frequency
  • Configuring types of resources to be backed up, thus providing greater control
  • Configuring authentication and authorize access permissions
  • Auto-protecting an entire domain
  • Accelerated recovery process
  • Reporting backup jobs and statuses
  • Offering a scalable backup solution
  • Unlimited storage and professional support

Why Us?

Network Fish is an IT solution provider with over two decades of experience in the market. Thousand of business owners rely on our Microsoft 365 backup strategies. Our highly experienced IT engineers will handle your data reliably. 

Our core belief is that mobility, collaboration, and security are the pillars of successful businesses and organisations. We believe that customer needs come first. That is why we go through the process in collaboration with you, tailoring your backup solution. 
If you don’t want to expose your business to threats, reach out to us for professional guidance and technical support. You can contact our sales and support teams with just a few clicks. If you choose Network Fish, you will be provided with a professional and reliable service.