Microsoft 365 Disaster Recovery

Microsoft 365 Disaster Recovery

Protect Microsoft 365 Data Everywhere

Enterprise-class backup and recovery for Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Teams, and Groups. 

Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Microsoft Online Services employ a Database Availability Group (DAG) technology to ensure Exchange Online Mailbox data protection and Office disaster recovery. You can also benefit from data loss prevention and eDiscovery for data restoration capability if you have premium plans. 

Microsoft 365 Retention Policy

In Microsoft 365, you can set retention policies and labels to prevent the permanent deletion of valuable data. You can do so via the Compliance Center or PowerShell. Limitations include retaining specific data types and using up your storage quota. 

Retention Policy For the Deleted Items Folder

Microsoft’s default retention policy retains deleted items in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder for 30 days. Administrators can change the default MRM policy, thus the retention period depending on their preference.

Microsoft 365 Recoverable Items Folder

The ‘Recoverable Items’ folder protects you from accidental deletion from a user account, malicious activity and facilitates eDiscovery, saving IPM data (interpersonal messaging) and non-IPM data (operational data). Only administrators can access this folder and restore deleted items.

Recoverable Items Folder Retention Policy for Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s default retention policy for the ‘Recoverable Items’ folder is 14 days, and an administrator can extend it up to 30 days. Enabling the Litigation Hold allows saving emails for an unlimited amount of time. 

Exchange Online Mailbox Litigation Hold

While the In-Place Hold preserves items with specific parameters, the Litigation Hold protects all items from automatic or manual deletion. With this mode enabled, items move to the ‘Recoverable Items’ folder until it reaches 100GB. An automatic deletion process begins if the folder is full, starting with the oldest emails. 

How Can We Help Your Business?

Network Fish can help with employee education, consultation and deletion prevention. That is only a part of a tailored disaster recovery plan that we create for your organisation’s needs. 

We offer a full backup and recovery solution by implementing third-party backup tools, guaranteeing business continuity in case of a disaster.

Why Us?

Network Fish is an IT solution provider with over two decades of experience in the market. You can count on Network Fish to manage a reliable Office 365 Disaster recovery solution for you. Our trained professionals use the best third-party backup tool (Veeam).