Microsoft 365 Security

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With the increase of laptop-based job positions and remote career opportunities globally in recent years, many companies and employees started turning to SaaS and cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365. 

Companies and organizations of all sizes are looking for secure ways to store and transfer their data. Thankfully, Microsoft offers native security solutions that you can apply on your own to increase your data protection. However, for maximum benefits, you can combine these solutions with the knowledge and experience of a third-party IT professional.

Microsoft 365 security management

Microsoft Defender for Office is the baseline of Microsoft security, but it differs depending on the subscription plan. Microsoft Defender for Business is only available in premium plans and offers many additional security features. 

The Premium package also protects against malicious files, URLs, and other data in Office files and emails and increases protection for the organization’s devices.

Type of security tactics we apply

At Network Fish, we apply all the best Microsoft 365 security management practices. We can secure your organization by setting up all necessary security compliance settings no matter which Microsoft plan you use.

Analyze and monitor your security score

First and foremost, we analyze your current security score in the Microsoft Defender portal, after which we tailor the best security strategy for the particular case. We continue to further monitor this score by using generated reports and analyzing insights.

Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The next step in our strategy is to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is a 2-step verification process using an additional authentication method to ensure only authorized people access content and data. This step prevents unauthorized access in case of a weak password or a stolen/lost device.

Protect against malware and ransomware

Network Fish will take all the necessary steps to prevent malware or ransomware from reaching your organization. 

Our tactics include:

  • Setting up policies.
  • Installing Microsoft’s native solution.
  • Blocking specific file types.
  • File encryption and user training.

Email protection

We know well that emails play an essential role in an organization’s communication between employees or their clients. Sensitive data is often transferred, including payment methods and personal information. We use message encryption to make these files unreadable to anyone unauthorized who tries to access or read them.

Other tactics

At Network Fish, we use numerous other tactics to bring your Microsoft 365 security to the highest level. Setting up safe attachments and links, configuring antivirus software and antiphishing protection, using dedicated admin accounts, training your users and using the best third-party backup software are in this number.

Who is it for?

Our Microsoft 365 security services are best suited for any small, medium or large business and organization that work with Microsoft 365 to achieve their business goals. Microsoft has native security software and solutions included in their plans. 

However, a proper setup needs to occur for them to work correctly. Our services are right for you if you own a business or run an organization and don’t have trained employees for a complete Microsoft security setup.

Why Us?

You probably want to take advantage of the highest web security measures available if you are a business owner or manager whose employees and clients regularly exchange sensitive, personal or financial information. You might also be expected to meet specific compliance requirements depending on your niche.
Network Fish is an IT solution provider with decades of experience and trained professionals. We specialize in Microsoft solutions, including backup, disaster recovery, security, support and management. We believe that each business is unique and so are their needs. That’s precisely why we tailor our services according to your needs.