What is Microsoft 365 E-mail Backup, and Why it is important?

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There is still a widespread misunderstanding about some fundamental principles defined in Microsoft’s End User Agreement. Put shortly, the platform takes care of their applications’ uptime and infrastructure without taking any further responsibility for their users’ business data. In other words – Microsoft 365 does not do E-mail backup for you.

So, that’s where outsourced IT support steps in to provide intelligent managed solutions for backing up and protecting all the company’s files and e-mails. 

What is the Best Way to Backup Your MS Office 365 E-mail?

Virtually all backup and security industry professionals share an opinion on this one, and it’s called cloud backup solutions.

That being said, any respectable IT support company will be ready and equipped to provide you with a set of cutting-edge tools and technologies based on the cloud. How will that process normally go?

  • First, you will be offered proven and reliable software to make the process go smoothly and securely. At Network Fish, we operate with the world-renowned products of Veeam Backup.
  • Your files and e-mail will be intelligently diversified by creating an off-site copy in a secondary cloud storage
  • You will then undergo a daily backup of your Office 365 e-mails and files, entirely managed by your IT company. 

At Network Fish, we engage in the complete data backup process. That includes provisioning, configuring, and monitoring services made to measure your expectations. 

Why is an E-mail Backup Crucial For Businesses?

In order to enjoy the plentiful Office 365 benefits, you’ll always need to put data safety in the spotlight. 

With a dependable e-mail backup service, you will be able to promptly recover after a variety of unexpected occurrences, including:

  • Accidental deletion of users and their files;
  • External security threats, such as malware and ransomware;
  • Internal security threats, including theft and ill-intentioned employee behaviour;
  • Legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR;
  • E-mail migration and data exchange.

A professional backup will keep your processes going by recovering the state of your users’ mailbox up to seconds before the disaster, whatever its nature may be. 

Make Sure You Trust a Reliable UK Microsoft Partner

When deciding between IT companies in London and the UK, it’s always wise to stick to the official list of Microsoft Partners. 

These companies are authorized and certified to implement the platform’s recommended practices and processes, thus ensuring optimal safety in the long run.

Network Fish is proud to be an official MS and Veeam Silver Partner. With us, you can enjoy high-end customer service, compounded with uncompromising technical expertise – because details make perfection, and we know how to pay attention to details.

Contact Network Fish to see how we can assist in deploying Microsoft Office 365 for your organization.