Backup and Disaster Recovery


Ransomware attacks, human errors or hard drive failures – too many things can go wrong when it comes to digital data safety.

According to statistics published in the Home Office Computing Magazine, over 30% of PC users had lost all their records after events beyond their control at least once. That is indeed unpalatable if you store cute pictures of your pet, but what if you hold sensitive personal data and all the essential operational documentation of your enterprise instead? 


Hopefully, you still don’t know how the second one feels since an estimated 60% of businesses that lose their data are expected to close down within six months after the disaster. 


That’s precisely why having an intelligent data backup plan is not a luxury but a vital business necessity. Most small and medium companies nowadays rely on outsourced IT support to provide thorough digital transformation consulting and professional data backup solutions. 


Why is data backup and recovery important?

Lacking a business backup strategy can result in unexpected data loss at any time. What are the key impacts?

• Financial loss due to loss in purchases, extended downtime, or full inability to maintain operation.
• Legal penalties due to data theft and all the GDPR concerns associated with it.
• Reputation issues due to your corporate irrationality towards customer experience and data security. The smaller your business is, the greater the consequences of a damaged public image.
• Recovery challenges, some of which will take longer than expected and some of which will never come to a happy ending.

Fortunately, you can now easily avoid the horror story outlined above – all you need is the right partner. So, how will the enterprise backup software provided by Network Fish protect your valuable data?

Microsoft Office 365 Backup: safe, intelligent, trustworthy

As of 2020, Microsoft Office 365 has about 140,000 monthly active users in the UK alone, mostly small and medium-sized companies. But does Office 365 backup your data? Unfortunately, Microsoft’s End User Agreement doesn’t state so.

Following the Office 365 backup best practices, we now offer you an end-to-end managed service that includes:

•    Daily backup of your files, your progress, and your logs.
•    Unlimited storage in a secured data center based in the UK.
•    Privately-owned cloud storage that guarantees intelligent diversification.
•    Full data backup process that includes provisioning, configuring, and monitoring tailored to your business needs.

With that being said: we are ready to deliver a meaningful and thorough set of cloud backup solutions for small businesses in the UK and worldwide.

SharePoint Backup
We will plan and implement a full SharePoint backup and restore plan for your enterprise. The entire process will be guided and executed on our part – you will not have to install, manage, or monitor anything, ever.

Microsoft Teams Backup
We will safeguard your collaboration tool data so that you can quickly re-access it after accidental deletion or security threats that may lead to data loss. Our SaaS backup service also includes long-term retention for compliance or regulatory purposes.

Office 365 Email Backup
We will keep a copy of your email communication records, updated on a daily basis. With that being said: you will have everything back as it was, whatever happens to your or Microsoft’s data centres.

Workstation Backup: from the user to the cloud

If your business requires your company files to be stored on a device rather than a platform for some reason – we can have you covered with a full backup.

The business backup software provided by Network Fish will ensure swift recovery of all machine data, apps, and settings lost to ill-intentioned software, hardware malfunctions, theft or other disasters.

Server Backup: overcoming the disaster

The thing about emergencies is that they can rarely be predicted. What you can do is prepare yourself wisely and recover yourself quickly – something we can help with.


Our disaster recovery solutions will help you quickly pull your business together after various unexpected events: compromised servers, hardware malfunctions or sudden crashes.


Put simply: our enterprise server backup software will keep a copy of your files, tools, apps, and settings – so you can have your server data back in case your server gets compromised or malfunctions.


Are you still wondering about the benefits of disaster recovery in IT? Well, according to statistics, an hour of downtime costs about £6,000 for a small company and £53,000 for a medium-sized company as of 2019.


If you do not choose to expose your business to the issues mentioned above, then reach out to us for professional guidance, service, and support.

You are just 2 clicks away from a managed, worry-free backup service.

Contact us to find out more.


Three copies, on two different mediums and one copy off site. Are you following this basic rule? Because backup is the only tool to save your business from disaster.