SharePoint Support and Management

SharePoint Support and Management

According to Gartner statistics, in 2020, over 200 million people used SharePoint for their business or organisation.

These numbers are not surprising since SharePoint is one of the more complex Microsoft softwares so far. It represents a compilation of high-tech programs combined to provide the perfect environment for the enterprise and business. 

Using Microsoft Sharepoint, you can save and store information, organise and quickly find important files, manage your work process, resources, productivity and much more.

You can also use SharePoint to create intranet hub sites for your internal team, which will be available only to you and your colleagues. You can also create and design external sites for the general audience. 

The software meets extremely specific user needs such as:

  • Sharing and coauthoring files
  • Creating, sharing and organising lists and videos
  • Syncing files and folders for offline use
  • Document libraries
  • Manage files between SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Inventing knowledge solutions
  • Creating custom apps
  • Searching relevant content and people
  • And much more

You can use SharePoint online web version or choose desktop and mobile device options. Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams have a unique integration system that brings your team’s collaboration to the next level, allowing users to unleash their potential.

While Microsoft SharePoint offers a wide range of features, customisation and integrations with Microsoft 365 and other systems, it has a few downsides. The software is quite complex to control, maintain and use. If you want full customisation and specific integrations, you will probably need professional assistance.

Microsoft SharePoint Support Services

Even one of the best software systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can break or have minor bugs that need to be fixed. We have an experienced team of SharePoint experts who can quickly respond to any problems that might arise during the use of SharePoint. 

You can quickly continue running business operations without damaging your productivity. 

SharePoint Technical Support

Our team at Network Fish have a lot of experience with SharePoint technical support, and they are always up to date with the newest functions and developments.

We will take care of all error correction, software updates, performance, and security management for you. Our technical support will resolve any issues that might arise and optimise your setup. 

SharePoint Maintenance

Our SharePoint consultants will take preventative measures to ensure uninterrupted workflow. Your organisation can continue its tasks with minimal downtime. We try to perfect and adapt SharePoint to your needs and enterprise by taking your feedback into account.

SharePoint Consulting Support

Network Fish offers SharePoint consulting services and support to maximise productivity and efficiency. Microsoft SharePoint was designed to create an organised and effective collaboration system. 

We will help you organise, secure and manage your digital workspace by bringing automation and categorisation. Document management, recruiting processes, employee training, educational systems, you name it – our SharePoint consulting support will make it possible.

User Training Assistance and Support

Network Fish can provide Microsoft SharePoint training assistance and support to your power and end-users.

We will support all levels of your enterprise, from power to end-users. Except for technical support, you can expect education and advice on different functionalities and processes. We can help with the SharePoint app, sites, page layouts, lists, libraries, taxonomies, and more.

Benefits of SharePoint Maintenance

As a business owner who has chosen SharePoint maintenance and support, you will get scheduled troubleshooting and preventive measures with our team. Your workflow stays intact thanks to proactive monitoring of the system functions, which is the basis of business continuity.

Your employees and end customers will benefit from our support services. They will become more knowledgeable, work with the software effortlessly and with confidence that there is always someone to help them if they need it. 

You can minimise administration work and optimise the customisation process by reaching out to us.

Get Started with our Microsoft Consulting Services

Reach out to us to get started with our Microsoft consulting services. 

We offer complete Microsoft 365 Business support, including:

  • Selling licensing
  • Configuration and installation
  • Support for users and devices
  • SharePoint support and management
  • Exchange support and management
  • Microsoft Security support and management
  • Backup and disaster recovery for Microsoft 365

Contact us now to get a professionally tailored solution for your business needs. We will start with an initial audit of your systems and requirements and continue from there.

How can we help your business?

At Network Fish, we offer full Microsoft SharePoint platform support and management from end to end. We help your business with technical support services, maintenance, user training, user assistance and support, and consulting support. 

From troubleshooting to updates, through resolving user inquiries, migration, development, security, management and integrations – Network Fish can do it all. Your business will benefit from custom SharePoint solutions, expert support and constantly available assistance. We will provide ongoing support, improve collaboration, increase productivity and much more. 

Why Us?

Network Fish is an IT solution provider with over two decades of experience in SharePoint support and management. Thousand of business owners rely on assistance and solutions for their enterprises. Our highly experienced IT engineers will reliably handle any task. 

Our core belief is that mobility, collaboration, and security are pillars of successful businesses and organisations. We believe that customer needs come first. That is why we go through the process in collaboration with you, tailoring your Microsoft SharePoint solution. 

Trusting Network Fish will bring you streamlined collaboration, experienced professionals and attention to detail. We will fully customise SharePoint as part of your whole tailored Microsoft experience. 
You can contact our sales and support teams easily. If you choose Network Fish, you will get quick, reliable and professional services.