Hosted VoIP Telephony service

3CX Phone System application (soft phone) for Windows
3CX Phone System application (soft phone) for Windows

With expanding opportunities for remote work and the accompanying need for voice communications, it’s no surprise that Internet Telephony service providers and VoIP calls are increasingly popular amongst businesses in all industries and of all sizes.

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) services are phone systems that connect and communicate over the Internet. They offer versatile functionalities and are suitable for small and large businesses. 

The biggest advantages of their use are that many organizations use them to spend less of their budget on phone bills, increase their data security and improve communication within and outside the organization.

What is a VoIP phone service? 

Voice over Internet Protocol services, also known as VoIP services, is a secure, reliable and modern solution to traditional telephone systems and public switched telephone networks (PSTN). VoIP phone systems are special software installed on your computer, mobile phone, or other internet-connected devices that enables you to make calls over the Internet.
To use IP phones for outgoing or incoming calls, you need working speakers and a microphone integrated into your device. You can also use dedicated VoIP hardware such as headphones and phone handsets. If you want to take advantage of video conferencing, you will need a camera and a high-speed internet connection.

Yealink desk phone solution for Microsoft Teams Phone

Yealink desk phone solution for Microsoft Teams Phone

Why do you need it for your business?

Business VoIP providers offer solutions that can significantly benefit your organization and workflow processes. You can make unlimited calls using a broadband internet connection, breaking free from excessive fees and costs. International calls made through a VoIP system are also free of charge, unlike those made from traditional phone lines. 

VoIP systems allow your business and employees to communicate from anywhere through an IP network and a desktop or a mobile app. 

These phone systems provide you with a business phone number, lower costs and additional features such as auto-attendants, caller ID control, video calling and increased security. You can forward and route calls to improve business communications.

What is the best VoIP service?

To choose the best VoIP service provider for your business, it’s best to consider their features, how much you can save, any third-party integrations, and whether they offer mobile apps and unified services. 

Many VoIP service providers offer the same features as others but charge more, thus changing how much you can potentially save from phone services. Full-featured VoIP apps for mobile phones are preferable due to their improved functionality, but it’s also good to consider if the vendor has third-party integrations and unified services.

Is VoIP good for small businesses?

VoIP solutions are suitable for small businesses for several reasons. First off, they have more advanced functionality, helping the business process information seamlessly. They are scalable and perfect for a growing business, as you can add lines or features. 

In addition, the service provider often will take care of VoIP phone maintenance, freeing the small business from the need to hire IT specialists.
3CX App for Android and iOS

How can we help your business?

Our VoIP technology works via Microsoft Teams, and we provide remote office VoIP service and support. Our services are listed below.

Additional Telephony Functions & Services

There is often a requirement for more advanced features for your telephone system. Below is a selection of what customers often ask us for.

Hunt Groups

A Hunt Group is a telephone number that, when dialed, will forward calls to every handset within its group. This can be done so that all handsets ring simultaneously or sequentially.

Cloud Call Recording

We offer call recording, which stores recordings to cloud storage. You are provided with a web panel to view all your call recordings.

Auto Attendant

A numbered menu system for routing calls. You may choose to record your own greeting/menu announcement, or we can do this for you.

Virtual Number

A virtual number is simply a telephone number that, rather than residing on a telephone or hunt group, is hosted on our system with the primary purpose of forwarding calls to a chosen destination.

Number Porting

We can port numbers from most other providers if you can provide us with a Letter of Authority. There is an administration charge that applies to porting any quantity of numbers.

Call Recording, whisper, listen and barge in

Call recording, whisper, listen and barge in” allows compliance, customer representatives training, sales analysis and much more.

Yealink T21P E2
Our standard handset – Yealink T21P E2

Why Us?

Our London Hosted VoIP Telephony service gives you complete flexibility and freedom so that your clients can reach you the first time, every time. Answer calls anywhere via our solutions and transfers to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. 

We can set up a phone system that:

  • You and your staff can take anywhere in the world.
  • Allows your staff to switch seamlessly to the office phone network app, incurring no charges
  • Staff can use it for outgoing calls from their mobile phone and laptop, displaying the company number, transferring calls to colleagues, recording calls, and more.
  • Additionally, we can provide a pre-configured physical phone for your staff.
  • Includes UK Landline and Mobile calls

Contact Carl Spencer on 020 3897 0354 or via our contact form to find out more about how we can reduce your phone bill and boost your productivity with our London VoIP service.

Or ask your accounts department to send your last phone bill, and we’ll show you how much you could save.