Microsoft 365 Business Support

Microsoft 365 under magnifying glass

The roots of Microsoft Office 365 go back about three decades. The latest version of Office 365 included applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It has now been developed and expanded into a suite of other tools. 

Microsoft 365 combines all business productivity, collaboration and security applications. When fully implemented, it allows for true digital transformation across your business.

What can Microsoft 365 Business do for my organisation?

Microsoft 365 Business is an all-in-one integrated solution for your business. It is a management system based on perfectly synchronised productivity tools, including Windows 10, Office 365 apps, Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and advanced security options.

When you complete its implementation, Microsoft 365 Business will open the door to the highest efficiency that cloud technology can offer. 

When you install Office 365 and have Microsoft licence you can:

  • Access your files anywhere and from all your devices via your Microsoft account
  • Keep your data safe and secure
  • Simplify remote work and improve virtual communication
  • Streamline and centralise collaboration
  • Reduce software expanses
  • Get automatic upgrades
  • Analyse and plan ahead

Microsoft 365 Business is an all-encompassing business management system that improves your productivity and communication. Not only that, but it scales depending on your business growth and seasonal demands.

What Happened to Office 365?

Office 365 has now become Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s business cloud offering expanded and now includes more than Office 365 applications like Word and Excel. Depending on your licence, the bundle of services might consist of Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise mobility package and Security package.

If you are in a business that requires only the traditional Office apps, you can subscribe to Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. 

The Next Level in Business Technology

The advantages that you get include : 

  • Innovative, customisable cloud storage and sharing facilities
  • Integrated email exchange
  • Cross-device management
  • Additional team collaboration apps
  • Sophisticated conferencing capabilities
  • A RESTful API that allows for full integration and flexibility
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

The business world is shifting away from email to more collaborative communication methods. You will find Microsoft Teams in the front line because it brings everything together. Microsoft Teams is much more than an instant messenger. It integrates and synchronises all apps, emails, meetings, chats and calendars, creating the perfect online teamwork hub. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based server, available in all three Microsoft 365 Business licences and provides backend database management. All you need is a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to create a website storing all the information you need.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a scalable email server providing business-class email and calendars. Your emails and meetings synchronise across all devices and productivity tools in the licence. You’ll be able to use your own domain name, create shared inboxes, set up or

Microsoft 365 Business Security

Security is one of the biggest fears around cloud computing. The concept of storing and sharing essential business information on the cloud can be unsettling. We, from Network Fish, enable your business to securely and safely access Microsoft 365 efficiency, power, and scalability. We provide Microsoft 365 security hardening and ongoing support.

We combine Microsoft’s native security tools, such as user account control prompt, with additional applications and processes. With this, we aim to create and maintain a secure environment for your business. 

We are aware of the security risk each user represents. That is why we have a selection of proven methods to mitigate and limit these risks. If there is an incident, perhaps because of user activity, we can quickly identify and neutralise the issue.

Our regular audits help to maintain optimal security. They include thorough tests and inspections to prevent a potential data breach. 


365 Backup

Microsoft does not back up your 365 data. Data loss through user error or security breach represents a risk to your business and growth. 

As a robust and highly capable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organizations perfectly. Microsoft 365 provides application availability and uptime to ensure your users never skip a beat, but a backup can protect you against many other security threats:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Retenton policy gaps and confusion
  • Internal security threats
  • External security threats
  • Legal and compliance requirements

These are a few of the issues you may not have been aware of before. You already made a smart business decision by deploying Microsoft Office 365, now find a backup solution that offers you both complete access and complete control of your Microsoft 365 data and avoid the unnecessary risks of data loss.

At Network Fish, we manage and run regular backups of your data, using Veeam Backup – the number 1 backup and recovery tool for Microsoft 365 Business. We offer full backup and data loss prevention. We are professional engineers who will install, configure, support and monitor your backup solution for Microsoft 365. 

Working with us means you can finally stop worrying about losing sensitive data or having to start a project from scratch. 

Microsoft 365 Business Licenses

MS 365 Subscriptions infographic

Network Fish offers different Microsoft 365 Business licenses. We will be part of the whole process, providing you with an all-in-one IT solution for your business. Our Microsoft license services entail sales, configuration, installation, management, and support. 

Currently, there are four different licenses available. 

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business include:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes:

  • Web-apps and mobile device versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Exchange
  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Business Standard includes:

  • All of the above (apps + cloud services)

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes:

  • All of the above
  • Intune
  • Azure information protection

Network Fish and Microsoft 365 Business Support

At Network Fish, we believe in the power of Microsoft 365. We have seen it transform the way businesses work for the better, significantly increasing revenues and growth. We know how to optimise individual environments and eliminate the risks of poor integration.

A tailored business solution

We, from Network Fish, understand that every business is different, and therefore, needs an individual IT solution. We assess the number of employees and communication requirements. 

After that, we advise you to buy the optimal Microsoft 365 Business Support environment for your needs. All of the above combines in a collaborative, ongoing process. It ensures you get total efficiency and a set of business management tools to rocket your growth. 

Creating a tailored business solution for you will be the first step of our collaboration. There are many other reasons to choose Network Fish to be your IT solution provider.

Administration and development support

As a certified Microsoft partner, we take care of all the administration for you. We can help you with the admin menu, reports and statistics. Furthermore, we assist with deployment, problem diagnosis and bug fixes.

End-user, help desk and internal support

Network Fish will answer any end-user questions and assist in case of disruptions. We provide excellent and immediate support to end-users with our in-depth knowledge of Office apps and cloud services. 

We will take care of any updates, forgotten passwords, log in or technical issues that might arise. Our help desk and internal support will help your productivity by minimising technical difficulties.

End-user adoption and training

At Network Fish, we implement end-user adoption and training so you can make the most out of Office 365 and Microsoft’s cloud services. We help you become more effective and achieve a streamlined, productive working environment. 

What can you expect from our services?

With Network Fish, you can expect expert support and assistance from experienced professionals.

We create an end-to-end personalised management system for you and your business. We offer you a tailored business solution and advise what would be the right choice for Microsoft 365 licence.

In addition, we will configure and complete the Office 365 installation process for you. After we finish this process, you can expect ongoing IT support, including managing users and all their devices. 

Why Us? 

Network Fish is an IT solution provider with over two decades of experience in the market. Thousand of business owners choose our Microsoft 365 Business Support and have excellent client reviews. Our core belief is that mobility, collaboration, and security are the pillars of a successful business.

At Network Fish, we believe that customer needs come first. We assess your situation and combine it with your outlook to provide a tailored solution for your business and a fully personalised experience.

Our professionals are proactive and will save you time and hassle. We execute regular audits to ensure your data safety. They also help identify if your business goals have changed and if our services still align with them.

You can contact our sales or support departments effortlessly and be confident that you will get a quick response to your enquire.

At Network Fish, we believe in the power of Microsoft 365. We have seen it transform the way businesses work for the better, significantly increasing revenues and growth. We know how to optimize for individual environments and understand how to mitigate the risks of a poor integration.